What is CAGE FITT?
The Cage F.I.T.T programme is where personal fitness training meets football - where anyone from the weekend warrior to the professional footballer can increase their power, stamina, speed, agility and endurance and get match fit in a fun and unique group training environment.

Why does it work / What so great about football training? 

  1. Football is a fantastic way to increase general fitness. And there's research to prove it. You can lose fat and gain muscle mass much better than just jogging.
  2. Its a group session - everybody motivates each other and this forces the intensity to be kept up high. Each session becomes very rewarding because you know that you have pushed yourself. 
  3. Its fun - you wont have to feel like a hamster when you go onto the treadmill. Its football, the game we all love and the fun element helps keep the mind focused on the game element rather than the pain of the workout.
  4. The trainers - Sofiyan (he plays in the S-league for Balestier Khalsa and is a qualified personal trainer) leads the sessions.
  5. The Cage - its indoors so no weather issues, the sessions are always on. Plus you play on a great turf which absorbs impact on the ankles and knees so injuries are avoided. And the high-intensity blowers ensure great ventilation.

For a view of Cage FITT in action please visit:

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We conduct classes on:

Tuesdays : 7 – 8.15am
Thursday,  7 – 8.15am

Cage F.I.T.T gets you ready for your game! 
Regardless of fitness levels, the Cage F.I.T.T programe is designed to be a fun soccer based workout in a group setting.

It aims to get you ready for your game at whatever level, be it your once a week kick about, or your regular league game. Cage F.I.T.T is a programme designed with Functionality, Intensity, Technique and Themes in mind. Each week, our trainers carry out specially designed sessions which will challenge both Individual, and the group as a whole.

Our specific football drills combine the beautiful game with fitness, making it a fun and intense workout.

So regardless of your fitness level now, come join us at Cage F.I.T.T and see how we can get you ready for your game! For booking and queries on Cage F.I.T.T please contact: Sofiyan at